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How do I obtain my API Login ID and Transaction Key?
    Feb 12, 2019 · Authorize.Net will be making changes to the internet connection that serves our data centers and moving away from Akamai SureRoute as a content delivery network ... To obtain the API Login ID and Transaction Key: Log into the Merchant Interface. Click Account from the main toolbar.

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    Status:Online - Payment Processing: Accept Payments Anywhere
    Authorize.Net provides payment processing and payment management services to help businesses accept credit card and e-check payments online, at retail, with mobile devices and more.

API Login ID and Transaction Key -
    API Login ID and Transaction Key. This page allows you to view your Application Programming Interface (API) Login ID and to create or disable your Transaction Key. Your API Login ID and Transaction Key are unique pieces of information specifically associated with your …
    Status:Online API Login ID and Transaction Key In order to ... API Login ID and Transaction Key. In order to connect a website to the payment gateway, you should be familiar with the API Login ID and Transaction Key. These values authenticate you as an authorized merchant when submitting transaction requests. API Login ID

Authorize.Net API Documentation
    The merchant API Login ID is provided in the Merchant Interface and must be stored securely. The API Login ID and Transaction Key together provide the merchant authentication required for access to the payment gateway.

Authorize.Net API Documentation
    Get an Authorize.Net API for accepting transactions. API Reference Developer Guide. CUSTOMER PROFILES. Store customers' sensitive data for quick retrieval on return purchases. API Reference Developer Guide. RECURRING BILLING. Subscription-based, recurring payment applications.

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