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Authentication - NetBox
    The NetBox API employs token-based authentication. For convenience, cookie authentication can also be used when navigating the browsable API. Tokens. A token is a unique identifier that identifies a user to the API. Each user in NetBox may have one or more tokens which …

Box Login
    Sign In to Your Account Email Address. Next. Reset Password

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SAML Authentication by anthonyeden · Pull Request #3010 ...
    Fixes: #1677 This pull request begins work on including SAML2 Authentication support in NetBox. It relies on the mature project fangli/django-saml2-auth to do the heavy lifting, and includes as few as possible changes to NetBox itself. I'm submitting this as a draft PR for now so any interested parties can see my progress thus far. However, further work is needed before merging this into the ...

    NetBox's default mail URL - - is an alias for a mail host serving a large number of domains. The certificate for the SSL system covers only the top level domain on the mail server. This results in name mismatch between the NetBox mail URL and that of the certificat on the mail server.

External authentication · Issue #2328 · netbox-community ...
    If external auth is in use, disable internal login/logout pages and allow customisation of the target URL of login/logout links (or remove the login/logout links entirely at the administrator's option). Documentation on how to configure this, which should be plainly obvious for anyone looking for "another way to auth …

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