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AUTH Command and its Mechanisms (PLAIN, LOGIN, CRAM-MD5 ...
    The AUTH Command The AUTH command is an ESMTP command (SMTP service extension) that is used to authenticate the client to the server. The AUTH command sends the clients username and password to the e-mail server. AUTH can be combined with some other keywords as PLAIN, LOGIN, CRAM-MD5 and DIGEST-MD5 (e.g. AUTH LOGIN) to choose an authentication mechanism.

How to Test SMTP AUTH using Telnet - NDCHost
    Below are instructions on how to test SMTP AUTH against a mail server using Telnet and entering the commands by hand. The first thing you need to do is get a base64 encoding of your username and password. There are a couple ways to do this, the example below uses Perl:

SMTP Authentication - Wikipedia
    SMTP Authentication, often abbreviated SMTP AUTH, is an extension of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) whereby a client may log in using any authentication mechanism supported by the server. It is mainly used by submission servers, where authentication is mandatory.

Tutorial: SMTP Authentication -
    However, there exists a different, RFC compliant version of this behavior, where the client initially sends the userid already with the AUTH LOGIN method: C: AUTH LOGIN ZHVtbXk= S: 334 UGFzc3dvcmQ6 C: Z2VoZWlt AUTH PLAIN. According to IANA's documentation, the PLAIN Authentication is defined in RFC 2245 "Anonymous SASL Mechanism".
    Status:Online no longer supports AUTH PLAIN authentication no longer supports AUTH PLAIN authentication. More... Less. As of August 2017, we are removing support for SMTP email clients which only use AUTH PLAIN to authenticate with servers. How does this affect you? allows users to authenticate using AUTH LOGIN, which most email clients support. Modern ...

Solved: SMTP auth always fails - Atlassian Community
    SMTP auth always fails; SMTP auth always fails . Thijs Baars Aug 17 ... 465 EHLO ironman at your service, [] 250-SIZE 35882577 250-8BITMIME 250-AUTH LOGIN PLAIN XOAUTH XOAUTH2 PLAIN-CLIENTTOKEN 250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES 250-PIPELINING 250-CHUNKING 250 SMTPUTF8 DEBUG SMTP: Found extension "SIZE", arg "35882577 ...

How to Configure Exchange to Allow AUTH LOGIN to work
    In order for QMS authentication to work with Microsoft Exchange, the Systems Administrator will need to configure the Exchange Server to allow AUTH LOGIN. Follow these steps to see if the Exchange Server is configured properly. 1) Telnet to the Exchange box and see if AUTH LOGIN is …

OAuth 2.0 Mechanism Gmail IMAP Google Developers
    This document defines the SASL XOAUTH2 mechanism for use with the IMAP AUTHENTICATE, POP AUTH, and SMTP AUTH commands. This mechanism allows the use of OAuth 2.0 Access Tokens to authenticate to a user's Gmail account.

Troubleshooting SMTP Auth Login Telnet Exchange Server ...
    Dec 04, 2002 · 3) SMTP Auth Login Plain. Our mission is to login to our mailbox on the Exchange 2010 server. Issue the following SMTP command in telnet: Auth Login (Where Auth means authenticate). Naturally, you must know your mailbox name and its email address. This must be your email domain, not your Active Directory domain.

How to test SMTP Authentication and StartTLS - Sysadmins ...
    May 17, 2014 · When investigating SMTP authentication issues, particular over TLS encrypted SMTP connections, it’s always handy if you are able to test the SMTP authentication and StartTLS connection. Preferably from your command line. This post shows you how to test SMTP servers, verify SMTP authentication and StartTLS encrypted connections from the Linux and Windows command line.

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